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2010-11-13 18:33:40 by Elixified

Uhm.. i'm back :)

Have made alot of new stuff in many different genres, wich i will upload soon. I've tried alot of diversity, ranging from DnB/Dubstep to some funky house even! They still (and always will) have the 'lixified feel to them, wich we all know and love! (just kidding)

So, be prepared ;)

Hey Newgrounds!

2010-04-10 11:37:05 by Elixified

How are you all doing?

I'm here because i want to show you my music works. At the moment, my new song called "Cyanide" is being approved. It's a Electro-house kind of song.

So anyway, have fun on my page.

EDIT: I now have uploaded "Bluewave" but that one is awaiting approval too.

EDIT2: They have been sumbitted, go check them out :)